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Now that I no longer suyer from osteoporosis I can look back at it as

                 just a horrible – but distant – memory.

                 These days I run no risk of fractures or breaks in the way I did then.

                 Thank goodness.

                 But at the time it was no joke.

                 I’d fractured my ankle stepping oy a kerb. I hadn’t slipped or

                 stumbled. I just put my foot down normally and the ankle gave way.

                 My health practitioner was worried that such a simple act should

                 result in a fracture so she sent me for a bone density test.

                 My t-score came back as -2.9.

                 Which meant not only were my bones becoming more fragile… they

                 were wholly in the osteoporosis range.

                 That was a heck of a shock. I mean, I ate very well – including lots of
                 milk, cheeses and greens which are the very best sources of

                 calcium. I didn’t smoke, I always felt okay – I considered myself to be

                 a healthy person. So how on earth did I end up like this?

                 Naturally, I wanted to quickly be rid of this condition. But more
                 surprises followed.

                 The |rst surprise was |nding out that there’s no such thing as an

                 osteoporosis ‘specialist’.

                 There’s no particular health professional you go to when you |nd you

                 have the condition.

                 And so one reason that osteoporosis care isn’t exactly great is

                 because nobody in the health profession actually ‘owns’ the

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