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In particular, she looks at the lifestyle factors that make that

                 particular illness almost inevitable. It’s always something we do that

                 is the initial, |rst cause of many health conditions.

                 Keep in mind that osteoporosis doesn’t just happen. Something

                 causes it.

                 And it wasn’t pharmaceutical drugs that caused it. So it’s not

                 pharmaceutical drugs that’s going to undo it.

                 It’s lifestyle habits that get us ill. Simple as that.

                 Shelly’s success is in |nding out exactly which lifestyle habits have

                 led to our illness – and then creating a neat, easy to follow program

                 that treats those root causes.

                 She’s the opposite of many drugs-led treatments whose primary aim

                 is to treat symptoms.

                 They attempt to somehow tackle the disease at the surface – so

                 that it doesn’t feel so bad.

                 But drug remedies for osteoporosis are guaranteed to be toxic – and

                 have a near 100% chance of producing unpleasant – or unbearable –

                 They also have a terrible track-record for actually resolving

                 osteoporosis symptoms.

                 Whereas Shelly Manning has created ‘The Bone Density Solution’ – a

                 phenomenally successful program that directly tackles all causes of

                 osteoporosis – without requiring medications, treatments or medical


                 You didn’t get ill by taking drugs, and you won’t get better by taking

                 them either. Shelly restores health by undoing the very behaviors
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