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and all sorts of stuy I would never in a million years have considered


                 I found nothing that oyered even a glimmer of hope.

                 And then, one day, standing in line at Walgreens of all places, I got

                 talking to a man who changed my life.

                 I was buying painkillers. He was buying hand soap. We were just

                 chatting and, it turns out, he too had once suyered all the usual

                 symptoms of osteoporosis. He’d had a terrible time of it too.

                 But he didn’t suyer a single symptom anymore.

                 He told me that at one time his vertebrae were so badly ayected

                 that he’d lost half an inch in height.

                 Over several years he’d gone through a cocktail of diyerent remedies

                 and pain-killers… and he enjoyed partial success with just one of


                 Even so, his t-score – which measures bone density – was steadily

                 worsening. More slowly, but still worsening.

                 He’d patiently tried all the standard treatments and meds because

                 he wanted to treat his osteoporosis properly. They hadn’t worked

                 But, in the end, something else had worked out for him.

                 Spectacularly well.

                 He’d been introduced to a natural health practitioner who already

                 had fantastic success treating ‘untreatable’ conditions.

                 Her name is Shelly Manning. Her expertise is in uncovering the core,

                 underlying causes of an illness – the actu al reason why we have an

                 illness in th e |rst p lace.
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