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But we know now what that missing link is.

                 And Shelly’s program hits all causes of osteoporosis – including that

                 missing link – hard.

                                                 How it works

                 Let me tell you how her approach did for me what years of doctor’s

                 treatments failed to do.

                 First – a very quick look at how Shelly’s solution was so diyerent to

                 anything I’d tried so far

                 She takes two main routes:

                 1. Movement

                 2. Nutrition

                 I was familiar with both. My physician had suggested I join a gym

                 and lift some weights.

                 Good advice? I don’t know – I certainly didn’t go anywhere near a

                 gym. It’s just not me…

                 But Shelly shows simple ways of incorporating some eyective

                 osteoporosis movement into a busy schedule – movement that

                 toughens up bone every time you do them. Movement that even I

                 could do.

                 My physician also told me to eat less bad food and, in particular,

                 consume more calcium.

                 I did both. And it made no diyerence at all.

                 Although once I’d put Shelly’s program into action I |nally

                 understood why ‘eat more calcium’ was, on its own, silly advice.

                                  Osteoporosis: the missing link

                 Some of the exercise advice given by medical professions is dizcult
                 to implement. I know that – I never managed to follow any of it.
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