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Consumer Watchdog groups discovered that once you were oy the

                 drugs bone deterioration picked up so severely that you could

                 experience a broken bone with out a ny physical trauma having

                 caused it.

                 This married up with stories I heard of people fracturing vertebrae

                 because they sneezed.

                 I hadn’t quite believed those stories… but they were being con|rmed
                 by consumer groups and other anecdotal evidence. I slowly realized

                 this could be my future too.

                                       Planning to be disabled?

                 Knowing that osteoporosis would take an ever-increasing toll on my

                 body was a lot to bear. The thought of ending up in a wheelchair
                 because my pelvis or ankles had fractured once too many times

                 scared the daylights out of me.

                 In fact, it was a joke amongst some suyerers I knew that they were
                 getting ready to pick out canes and walkers for their future selves.

                 They cheerfully described how they’d decorate their wheelchairs…

                 I didn’t |nd this funny at all – yet they were only half-joking. So many
                 people with osteoporosis went from able-bodied, mobile and

                 healthy… to broken and wheelchair-bound very quickly.

                                        Not the future I wanted

                 I have to say, the thought of my future self shu{ing along with

                 walking aids frightened the life out of me.

                 The knowledge that as the months passed my ever-weakening

                 bones were making it more likely that I would again fracture an

                 ankle or a hip or a vertebrae made me miserable.

                 I searched the internet for some sort of method that would help

                 relieve me of this dreadful illness. I looked at acupuncture and reiki
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